High-End bench to test Visible to Infrared cameras

Test equipment is designed for the the performance validation of a wide array of electro-optical sensors: visible cameras, night vision devices, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR imagers, laser rangefinders.
The core of the system is an off-axis projector with a wide clear aperture, and a high reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to far IR.

Optical projector

The collimator optical alignment has certificate showing the image of output beam collimator wave front. Precise positioning of target wheel at collimator focus is enusred.

  • Focal length: 1500 mm ±1%,
  • Off-axis parabolic mirror diameter: 320 mm,
  • Spectral range: 0.4 to 14 μm,
  • Reflectivity of mirrors over 2.5 to 14 μm spectral range: >0.97

The optical projector is fitted with a differential blackbody or visible spectral range source.

Motorized ten-positions target wheel

10 position motorized wheel enables accurate setting of test
targets at collimator focus with no need of mechanical target repositioning.

  • Positioning repeatability: 30 μm.
  • Target wheel temperature measurement with platinum sensor enables to set a temperature difference between the target and the blackbody emitting area.

Accurate Blackbody emissive head

Blackbody infrared reference sources is operating in absolute or differential mode. Featuring the highest available stability, blackbody source is perfectly adapted for the characterization of a very wide range of IR sensors.
The temperature of the high emissive surface is stabilised within 0.5 mK at temperatures above and below ambient temperature. Blackbody, has a radiometric certificate of calibration demonstrating the reliability of this IR reference source.

  • Emissive area: 100 mm x 100 mm.
  • Absolute temperature range (for ambient temp. = 20°C): -15°C to +150°C.
  • Differential temperature range: -35°C to +130°C compared to the ambient temperature.
  • Thermal uniformity: 0.01°C at ambient temperature, 0.3°C at 50°C.
  • Emissivity higher than: 0.98 ±0.02.

Integrating sphere source

Reference source for the calibration of sensors on UV to SWIR wavelength range. The Integrating Sphere Source is providing an adjustable luminance output with unprecedent accuracy and stability, over the UV-Vis-NIR-SWIR spectral range. Source is calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable color temperature of 2950 K ± 25 K. The Integrating Sphere Source is designed for the calibration and test of cameras and sensors.

  • Aperture diameter: 50.8 mm.
  • Colour temperature: 2950 K ± 25 K.
  • Luminance range: 1 to 3500 cd/m².
  • Spectral range: 300 to 2500 nm.
  • Luminance uniformity >98%.
  • Resolution: 0.001 cd/m².
  • Sphere diameter: 152.4 mm.
  • PTFE internal coating.

Motorized rotation stages for unit under test positioning

High accuracy motorized rotation stages allowing automated measurements in azimuth and along with the diagonal of the field of view.

  • Precision: 5 arc second,
  • Azimuth angle setting range: [-160°; +160°],
  • Elevation angle setting range: [-45°; +45°]