Optoelectronic Systems Characterisation Laboratory

Optoelectronic Systems Characterisation laboratory implemented the LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard requirements for the competence to carry out tests using standard and non-standard methods.

  • Laser-radiation power measurements in the spectral range of 0.19 μm – 11 μm.

Team of the OptoLab., dr. Saulius Tumėnas, dr. Linas Minkevičius, dr. Andrėjus Geižutis

Visible and IR range cameras testing

Measurements are performed using the HGH Infrared Systems, IRCOL300 / 1500 system, which projects an optical field with an extremely uniform distribution. The optical field is created using an optical imaging system with an absolutely black body source and a VIS / SWIR integrating sphere source. Optical radiation sources (absolute black body source, VIS / SWIR integrating sphere source) are calibrated using a standard available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

List of tests to qualify a detector or camera: 

Detector and radiometric tests

  1. SiTF (Signal Tranfer Function)
  2. Noise
    • TN (Temporal Noise)
    • FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise)
    • 3D noise
    • Temporal NPSD and Spatial NPSD (Noise Power Spectral Density)
  3. NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference)
  4. NEP/NEI/NER (Power, irradiance, Radiance)
  5. NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
  6. BP (Bad Pixels)
  7. AGC latency and spatial latency

Optics quality tests

  1. LSF/MTF (Line Spread Function/ Modulation Transfer Function)
  2. FOV (Field Of View)
  3. Distortion
  4. MRTD (Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference), according STANAG no. 4349:1995
  5. DRI ranges (Detection, Recognition and Identification ranges), according STANAG no. 4347:1995

Laser power measurement

  • Calibrated optical power from 40 μW to 3 W and single shot energy from 20 μJ to 2 J, measurements wavelength range from 0.19 μm to 11 μm.
  • Calibrated power of very low level CW or quasi CW sources measurement in optical power range < 100 nW to 100 mW over a broad spectral range from 0.15 µm to 12 µm.